Virginia is the top state for business 2019, according to CNBC. 


According to a new CNBC study, Virginia is the top place for business in 2019, and Northern Virginia is just the place to plant your company. This the fourth time in 13 years that Virginia has been named to the top spot, and why not?

Amazon decided to place its second headquarters in Northern Virginia, Proctor and Gamble John Handley High School - Winchester, VAjust built a huge manufacturing plant at the Virginia - West Virginia border, the FBI just built a new facility in Winchester, VA and the list goes on and on. The network of highways, inland ports and access to rail and waterways make Virginia a jewel for businesses. 

The CNBC study states that Virginia offers "the best workforce in the country." The study also revealed that nearly 38% of the population has at least a bachelor's degree, placing the state in the top ten most educated states in the country. The education levels of average Virginians are critical for the Tech Corridor in Loudoun County. "Virginia has the nation’s fourth highest concentration of crucial science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) employees, making up 9% of the workforce in 2018 (CNBC)."

As a proud Virginian, I could have told you this without a study, but I am a biased business owner. Virginia offers both metropolitan, suburban and rural living opportunities. In the northern part of the state, Winchester, VA has been cited multiple times in the past decade as a great place to start a business and to retire. No matter what brings you to Virginia, we're glad you're here. Virginia is open for business. 

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